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Malecon – Havana 2015

About This Project

A series of photos taken on Havana’s famous Malecon where locals and tourists alike hangout during the evenings. The Malecon is Havana’s 8km stretch of waterfront and roadway. I think it’s a very interesting public space. Even though the waterfront walkway is cutoff by a 2 way, 4 lane, at a minimum, roadway, the area is still quite lively. I suppose it is a great escape from the streets lined with decaying mid-rise apartments (although to a foreigner they do have their own charm) and the fact that you can fish, swim, drink, or do just about anything you want makes the strip all the more appealing.


One stop along the Malecon that we found particularly interesting was the Jose Marti Stadium AKA Parque Jose Marti. It is an semi-abandoned outdoor sports centre. You’ll immediately recognize it by the huge decaying seating stand on one side of the large field. The area is still very much in use for recreational sports. You’ll find kids playing soccer in the abandoned swimming pools, games of volleyball in the decaying gymnasium, parkourers practicing on whatever wall or platform they can find, people playing squash on graffiti painted walls, and even what seemed to be a Kendo club. I will have to upload more pictures from this area.


More commentary about my trip here:


The technical:


All of the photos in this set were taken with my Minolta Autocord on a variety of films (Ektar, Portra, Ektachrome, Tri-X, etc.). They were scanned using my Sony A7II. On the trip I only brought my Autocord and the Sony A7II with a Voigtlander 40 F1.4. I used the Autocord for almost the entire trip and only used the A7II at night when I had daylight film and when I jammed my Autocord once (user error). I shot 23 rolls on the trip and I think 4 of them were 220 film.

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